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Privacy Policy.

Thank you for visiting A1 Removalists Sydney (“the Website”). We know that You care about how information about You is used and shared. This document sets out our Privacy Policy (“Policy”), and Your visit to the Website is subject to this Policy.

A1 Removalists Sydney reserves the right to change and update this Policy at any time, with such changes effective immediately upon posting to the Website. If the Policy changes, a notice will be posted to the Website advising you of this. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of recent changes to the Policy.

If you visit or shop at the Website, you accept this Policy and consent to any disclosures made in accordance with this Policy. Please take the time to read it carefully. Please also review our Terms & Conditions, which also governs Your visit and use of the Website.

What Personal Information Does A1 Removalists Sydney Collect About You and Why?

You will see from the comments below that Your personal information which is collected by A1 Removalists Sydney is necessary for its activities including the on-line booking service provided at the Website and the provision of an interactive website whereby You may interact with and share information with others through Your Contribution and Your participation in any public forums etc. To make the Website a better place for You to visit, and to provide You with as many opportunities to benefit from the Website as possible, A1 Removalists Sydney needs to identify Your needs and interests. In order to do this, A1 Removalists Sydney may gather the following types of information about you:

A. Information About You From You

A1 Removalists Sydney receives and stores any information You enter on the Website or provide any other way. The main ways You are able to enter information on the Website includes the details provided on the Booking Form and the Get A Quote Form.

Both the Booking Form and Get A Quote Form contain certain contact information about You, including Your name, phone number and e-mail address.

B. Automatic Information

A1 Removalists Sydney automatically receives and stores certain types of information about You whenever You visit the Website. This is mainly done through the use of cookies and Your IP address.

C. E-mail Communications

Depending on your computer’s capabilities, A1 Removalists Sydney may receive a confirmation notice when you open an e-mail from A1 Removalists Sydney.

D. Information from other sources

At times, to ensure that our records are correct, A1 Removalists Sydney may receive updated contact, delivery and address information about You from our carriers or other sources.

Access to Your Personal Information

You do not have to give A1 Removalists Sydney any personal information, although this will make it difficult for You to make a booking at the Website. By contacting us You are able to gain access to the type of information that A1 Removalists Sydney receives and stores about You. Alternatively, such information will be provided to You on Your request, except to the extent that such disclosure is not required by law.

If you have concerns about giving personal information, there are various devices available to prevent us from gaining access to information automatically collected when You access the Website.

Linked Sites

The Website contains links to other websites. A1 Removalists Sydney is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other Websites accessed by links from this Website.

Sharing Information

A1 Removalists Sydney values your visit to the Website and any bookings that You may do at the Website. For this reason, A1 Removalists Sydney will not sell Your personal information to others. A1 Removalists Sydney only shares the information that it gathers about You to its associated companies or advertising partners unless otherwise advised.

Your contact information may be used by A1 Removalists Sydney for a variety of purposes including confirmation of Your booking, contacting You if necessary regarding a details or payment for a booking or to send You information about A1 Removalists Sydney, including promotional information. Your contact information may also be shared with any of our advertising partners (whose names will be clearly identified on the Website) and they may send You information about themselves, including promotional information. Any email notification receipts received by A1 Removalists Sydney may also be used by A1 Removalists Sydney, its associated companies or advertising partners for marketing or other promotional purposes.

Any financial information about You will be used for billing purposes, and may be used for credit enquiry purposes.

Cookies obtain certain information when Your web browser accesses the Website. The Website also uses cookies to save Your Password so that you do not have to re-enter it each time You shop at the Website. Your IP address may be used to help diagnose problems with our server, to administer the Website and to help identify You and Your shopping cart.

A1 Removalists Sydney may also share information about You, gathered from your contact information, for the purposes of gathering certain demographic information about visitors to the Website. This also assists us with our marketing and promotional activities.

A1 Removalists Sydney advertising partners are committed to the same obligations as we impose on ourselves in relation to the collection of Your personal information. A1 Removalists Sydney is not responsible for, nor does it make any warranties or representations, about the adequacy of the privacy practices of any of our advertising partners.


All information concerning you is stored in a secure database on a secure server, and can only be accessed by the A1 Removalists Sydney system administrator and nominated staff.

We utilise the industry standard security protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt your private, ordering and credit card information for maximum security and integrity.

We do not store your credit card information anywhere on the website. Your credit card information is entered as part of the order form to enable payment verification. The details are then discarded and a secure verification number is stored with the order to enable the payment to be processed when goods have been shipped.

Public Forums

This Website may make chat rooms, forums, message boards, and/or news groups available to you (“Public Forums”). You should exercise caution when using these Public Forums, as any information that is disclosed in such areas becomes public information. You should therefore think carefully before disclosing Your personal information in Public Forums.

Updating Your Personal Information and Indicating Preferences

Any information You provide to A1 Removalists Sydney may be added to or updated by You. A1 Removalists Sydney tries to ensure, to the extent that it is able, that Your personal information (especially Your contact and financial information) is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. This helps to reduce the possibility of errors occurring with deliveries or billings and to ensure that any information or other documents are sent to the correct email address.

You may also choose not to receive any e-mail, promotional or other information from A1 Removalists Sydney, its associated companies or its advertising partners. When opening Your Account please complete the appropriate sections advising A1 Removalists Sydney of Your wishes.

Sensitive Information

There is certain information which is deemed to be sensitive at law, including, for example, Your race, sexual preference, criminal record or membership of a political association or trade union. A1 Removalists Sydney does not knowingly collect any such sensitive information about You, and will not do so unless Your prior consent has been obtained.


A1 Removalists Sydney shall use its best endeavours to quickly and effectively resolve any dispute arising in relation to Your visit to A1 Removalists Sydney and Your use of the Website. In the event of a failure to resolve any such dispute, the dispute shall be governed by and dealt with under the laws of New South Wales, Australia and You and A1 Removalists Sydney submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of New South Wales, Australia.


“Booking Form” means the electronic order form, which You must use, pursuant to the Conditions of Purchase, to order products on the Website.

“Products” means those goods, items, products or stock that You purchase from A1 Removalists Sydney to supply to You.

“Your Contribution” includes any comments, suggestions, ideas, questions, articles, links or photographs that You may post or submit to the Website in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.

Contacting Us

If you have any queries about this Policy or anything else at the Website, please contact us at [email protected] or use the CONTACT FORM located on our website and we will be only too happy to answer your query.

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