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Terms & Conditions.

A1 Removalists Sydney Pty Ltd
[email protected]
15 Malta St, Fairfield East NSW 2165
Phone: (02) 9826 7386
ABN 30 606 441 614

1. Preliminary

1.1 You acknowledge and agree that:
(a) By receiving a booking form prior to the commencement of the Services, YOU:
(1) enter into a Contract in Your own capacity and as agent for each person You represent with A1 Removalists Sydney and each Principal Contractor named on the Tax invoice (and that each such person is bound by these terms and conditions); and
(2) Have the authority to bind each individual you represent; and
(b) Each Principal Contractor is represented by A1 Removalists Sydney. As an example:
(1) The contract does not name A1 Removalists Sydney as the primary service provider.

2 Information allocations

2.1 We rely on all information that You or any other person acting on your behalf supply to us for the purpose of pricing for and performing the Services. As such, you certify that all such information is accurate and full.

2.2 You must comply with the following requirements prior to us quoting and providing Services:
(a) Provide us with a description of the volume of Goods to be transported or stored, or other Services to be provided, so that we can plan effectively for the Services’ resource requirements;
(b) Notify us (in writing if we so request) of any Goods that include the following:

(1) Heavy items ( Piano, Safe, Gun Safe, Most furniture with Marble, Granite or Stone, Dense wood furniture, non-standard home gym equipment, Large Aquarium, single slate pool table, specialty equipment).

(2) Dangerous goods

(3) Value in excess of $1,000

(4) Are otherwise of a certain kind of, significance, or worth (financially or otherwise) that necessarily requires the exercise of exceptional care or ability that is not clearly apparent on outward inspection.

3 our fundamental rights and care

3.1 Prior to the commencement of any Services We retain the right to refuse to provide Services in the following circumstances:
(a) At all; or
(b) In Our sole discretion, without giving reasons or advance notice and without incurring any responsibility to you, in respect of Goods of any specific class.

3.2 We reserve the right, in Our sole discretion, to determine the method, manner, time, and route by which Services will be performed (including, without limitation, the number and size of the vehicles We use for Removal Services, notwithstanding that We may have indicated prior to commencing the Services that We intended to use a different number or different sized vehicle(s)).

3.3 All times specified by Us for booking and performing Services are approximate only. While We will make reasonable efforts to adhere to such times, You acknowledge and agree that due to the nature of the Services (including, but not limited to, the fact that Services performed for other clients may be completed early or run over time), We will not be liable to You for any failure or delay in performing the Services in accordance with any such guides (nor is any Contract repudiated by any such failure or delay).

3.4 You are responsible for delivering all Goods to Us in a condition that enables Us to comply with The request (including, if applicable, by ensuring any Goods are packed in a proper way to withstand the ordinary risks of transport, except to the extent that You contract Us to package Goods for You).

3.5 If any information You provide Us with when making a booking is inaccurate, incorrect, or incomplete, We reserve the right to execute Services strictly according to Our quote or to adjust Our prices to cover any extra or amended Services requested.

3.6 You are responsible for arranging for Us to park at all places where Services are conducted (making provision for the fact that We may arrive early or late). We take no responsibility for the Services being delayed or found to be ineffective due to the unavailability of parking (including, without limitation, convenient or proximate parking), and You must bear all of Your own, and separately Our, costs associated with any such delayed or delivered unsuccessful performance.

4 Your warranties

4.1 your warranty and additional conditions
(a) Are owned by You or a representative of You;

(1) Comply to all relevant rules governing their composition, condition, and packaging; and

(2) Do not include Dangerous Goods, unless You have informed Us otherwise in agreement with condition.

(3) Each Principal Contractor is authorised to enter all locations where Services are to be conducted. If You do not own such premises, You represent and warrant that You have received all required consents to allow this.

5 removal services


5.2 You:
(a) must ensure that You or a representative approved by You is present at all times while Removal Services are conducted at both the pick-up and delivery destinations (including when Goods are brought into or loaded from store);
(b) are accountable for ensuring the following:

(1) ensuring that all Goods are loaded and delivered to these places and that no Goods are missed; and

(2) No other person’s property is transferred in error during the course of executing Removal Services; and

(c) must:

(1) pay Our extra charges (including storage charges) for any Removal Services We provide in connection with Goods that were missed or other people’s goods that were transported in error; and

(2) Indemnify Us against all third-party claims and costs arising out of any other person’s items carried in wrong.

5.3 If We are unable to deliver Goods due to the following:
(a) You, or a representative of You, are not present at the delivery place;
(b) We cannot obtain entry to the delivery location’s premises; or
(c) due to any other reason beyond Our reasonable control, we reserve the right, in Our sole discretion, to:
(d) Return the Goods to the spot where they were picked up;
(e) We may either keep the Goods at a location of Our choosing within a reasonable proximity to the delivery location; or we may deliver the Goods to Your address and charge You an extra sum to cover Our costs (including, in respect of any subsequent re-delivery Services). Unless otherwise agreed, any action taken by Us under this section 6.3 shall be deemed to constitute a complete discharge of Our obligations under the Contract with respect to Removal Services.

5.4 We reserve the right to terminate to remove large or difficult Goods or Goods weighing more than 80kgs (for example, pianos, safes, and billiard tables) if You do not notify Us of those things at the time of booking. All such things will be charged separately and any damage will be at Your full risk.

5.5 If asked, but not required, we may but are not obligated to:
(a) You, or a representative of You, are not present at the delivery place;
(b) transport Goods out of windows, over balconies, off terraces, via fire or external staircases, or by any other means We generally consider necessary or appropriate, and if We think it necessary or appropriate, We may, at Your expense, use hired equipment (such as cranes) to move or transport Goods; or remove and then reinstall any obstructions (such as doors or windows or associated frames), if We consider it safe to do so. Additionally, an extra charge may apply if the Removalist/s use a non-standard way of moving your things, such as balcony lifts, lifting over fences, etc.

5.6 You must confirm the following:
(a) If relevant, loading docks and lifts are made accessible to Us at both pick-up and delivery places for the duration of the Removal Services (on an exclusive basis, if possible); and
(b) Our trucks have access to pick-up and delivery areas, and there is considerable parking.

6 Storage services

6.1 If the Goods are held in agreement with these terms and conditions or for a time longer than that specified on the Booking Form, We have the right to charge You storage fees for the duration of the period of storage.

6.2 You authorise Us to transport stored Goods between storage areas at no expense to You. We shall notify You of the transfer and provide the new storage location’s address at least seven days prior to the transfer (except in emergency, when such notice will be given as soon as possible).

6.3 You have the right, with sufficient advance notice, to inspect Goods in our location, however We may charge an extra fee for this service.

6.4 You may seek the removal of Goods from storage at any time by providing Us with reasonable prior notice, provided You have paid Us for the whole agreed duration of storage. If You fail to provide Us with reasonable notice, We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate Your requests, but may charge an extra fee for the short notice.

6.5 Our insurance does not cover the goods we keep. If you choose to insure Your stored Goods, You are responsible for arranging your own coverage.

7 Additional services

7.1 Our basic removal services do not involve packing or unpacking (apart from placing belongings on the floor or another flat surface). You must advise Us at the time of booking if You want Packing or Unpacking Services (or other Services, such as Cleaning). All such extra Services will be liable to separate costs.

7.2 We make no commitment that the Cleaning Services we provide will result in the removal of all stains or, where applicable, the full recovery of bonds.
We expressly disclaim all liability for stain removal failure.

8 Payment methods and charges

8.1 Our regular charges for the Services We provide, as well as any additional fees We may impose, are detailed in the Booking Form.

8.2 All services performed by Us will be charged in half-hour increments, rounded to the nearest half-hour, at Our usual rates, unless:
(a) We either provide a fixed price for a Service (and the information You give Us with as the basis for Our fixed quote is accurate, complete, and correct); or
(b) We agree in writing on different fees with You.

8.3 With Regards to Removal Services:
(a) The time charged will include the time required for Us to return to the initial pick-up location (subject to a minimum return fee of half an hour); and.
(b) The fuel surcharge mentioned on the Booking Form is added to the total billing amount.
(c) We have the right to impose an additional fee if access concerns arise during the course of the job. For instance. Stairs, a long walk, and etc.

8.4 Unless We agree accordingly in writing, all of Our charges (save for Storage Services) must be paid half an hour to an hour prior to completion, unless the relocation is interstate and the remainder is paid prior to leaving the pickup destination.

8.5 You must pay or reimburse Us for any third-party costs incurred in connection with the provision of any Services that these terms and conditions require You to pay or allows Us to charge You.

8.6 You are responsible for any tolls (including those paid returning to a pick-up location), parking fees, and (provided We acted properly) parking penalties incurred by Us in connection with the performance of the Services.

8.7 If you cancel less than 48 hours before your move, you will lose your deposit. On the day of your move, cancellations will incur the minimum price specified on your booking confirmation.

8.8 Payments must be done in cash or with a credit card that has been approved). Credit card payments will be subject to a surcharge (where applicable), which we will notify you of from time to time. Unless we advise you otherwise, Visa and MasterCard credit cards are subject to a 2% processing fee.

8.9 If a date for Us to perform any Services is agreed upon upon Your acceptance of Our quotation or later, and You require that date to be changed or the Goods are not available on that date, We may charge an additional amount to cover the costs We incur as a result of the date change or unavailability.

8.10 If You and We agree in writing that Our charges will be paid by a third party and that third party fails to pay the charges on the payment date specified or, if no payment date is specified, within 7 days of the invoice date, You agree to pay the charges.

8.11 If we engage the services of a collection agency or spend other expenses to recover an amount owed by You, we may charge you an amount equal to the charges we incur, which may include, without limitation, the collection agency’s fees, court costs, and legal costs and expenses.

8.12 Unless otherwise required by law, You must make payments to Us without set-off, counterclaims, conditions, limitations, withholdings, or deductions.


9.1 GST is included in all charges We quote You or are otherwise permitted to charge You.

10 insurance

10.1 We strongly advise You to insure Your Goods while they are in Our care or under Our control. We can assist You in obtaining insurance through an insurer with whom we already work. Alternatively, You may get insurance via a third-party insurer.



  • Please let us know of any difficult access to either pick up or delivery address, as it can add significantly to the time it takes to do your move.
  • Your Removalist will contact you for advice on how they are going with the time.
  • Sometimes for unforeseen reasons we might be later from the estimated time of arrival, we do not give discounts for that reason alone.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or stop the job if our staffs are abused in any way verbally.
  • Remember if you are moving into a storage facility, it will take a bit longer from what you may initially think, as everything needs to be packed and stacked again.
  • Be present or represented throughout the collection and delivery of the removal.
  • Please ensure there are no kids around while moving.
  • Our team are fully trained and experience, but as you know small things like small scratches might likely happen to the wall or the furniture if the items are too heavy or large in size.

INSURANCE: Accidental and Handling Insurance

  • As our company takes most care of your possessions, accidents can still happen. As all removalists, A1 Removalists Sydney is unable to accept any responsibility for damage to uninsured goods. The government ACT require the insurance to be taken out directly from the customer. Some Home Contents Insurance, cover your possessions for these cases. Otherwise we recommend you to insure your own furniture / goods.
  • Please note that insurance needs to be organized 3 days prior to your move.
  • All our trucks at A1 Removalists Sydney have transit Insurance, which covers against damage to your goods rising while in transit, in case of a motor accident, fire, flood etc.
  • Plasma & LCD TV’s, are highly recommended to be packed in their original box.
  • If you request us to dismantle and reassemble furniture or move them over a balcony (balcony lift) or window, any damage that may occur to your belonging or property is at your own risk and we at A1 Removalists Sydney will not be held responsible.
  • Our removals team will not move possessions that have not been safely packed and ready to move.
  • We are strictly governed by work safe, If you have booked 2 men removal services and items are heavier than a 2 man lift, we will not move these items.


  • The payment must be made upon the completion of the job by cash or credit card. (No cheques accepted)
  • MasterCard or Visa, Debit, credit card payments attract a processing fee of 2%.
  • The amounts we quote you, or charge you, are GST included.
  • Direct Credit can be made only, for fixed quotes and has to be cleared by the day before the move. Please advise office to organise.
  • 4 hours minimum charges applies for a job.


  • Extra charges apply for balcony lifts.
  • Fuel levy will apply for long distance moves; will be advised at time of booking if any apply.
  • All toll and parking charges incurred are payable by the customer.
  • If street parking is required, please try to park your car there over night to hold a spot for the truck. We cannot accept parking fines if no parking is available, it will be added to the bill.
  • Fixed quotes are based on the information you have provided. If any information you provide to us at the time of the booking is incorrect, we may add charges to cover the additional services we are requested to perform.
  • A ‘Cancellation Fee’ shall be incurred by the customer when the customer cancels a job for any reason. The Cancellation fee is the ‘Full Deposit’ which is made upon booking. NOTE:  there is no refund on your deposit. However if you decide to rebook with us then there is no cancellation.
  • In the unlikely event payment is not made when due we will advise you in writing at your address last known to us and we will have the right to sell your goods by public auction without further notice to you and to deduct all moneys due to us.
  • By law staff are entitled to a 30 minute lunch break payable by client if move takes more than 5 hours.
  • 3 hour fee applies for last minute cancellations.


We may change this terms and conditions at any time without notification.

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